Satellite TV is the best way to get subscription TV services.

altThis includes services such as Foxtel that provide a multitude of new channels for any special interest, including sport, documentaries, children's programs, movies and others.

Satellite TV can also provide a host of subscription services that you may not know about, including

TV broadcasts from almost anywhere in the world and specialized or niche broadcasts.

Satellite TV services require a professional for advice in the exact equipment needed to get the services, this includes the right type of dish on your roof, a set top box to decode the broadcast, and of course a TV to relay the signal, plus there are now some easily attached recording devices too!

Sunshine Antenna Service have researched the field thoroughly, and can advise and help to install a satellite TV system that exactly meets your needs, so that you are not paying for any part of a service that you are never going to use. We can also help to repair or tune in an existing system to exactly meet your needs (subject to some restrictions).

Whats new and happening in the field of Satellite TV on the Coast?

VAST Satellite service 

See VAST Free to air service

Should you require more information or wish to check your eligability for V.A.S.T please contact our office.


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