We supply satellite kits both for homes and caravans. Here are our Travelling Satellite Kits:

Maxview B2590/85 Crank Up Satellite Dish System

Maxview Crank Up Satellite Dish front view

Maxview Crank Up Satellite Dish rear viewMaxview Crank Up Satellite Dish folded

- Improved handle design with clear and precise elevation display
- Low streamline profile, only 17cm in height in park position
- Elegant modern styling design
- No through the roof mast required, thus giving maximum flexibility on roof installations
- Designed for easier and improved installation
- Cable entry junction box allows for the system to be fitted in the most convenient position on roof
- Easy to align using the ceiling mounted ‘Crank Up” handle and elevation zone map
- Twin LNB as standard - Designed for use with Foxtel/Austar or free to air receiver. Alternatively can be used to feed two separate receivers for independent operation.
- All weather resistant construction
- Robust design solution utilising the latest advances in CAD and Simulation software
- Designed for permanent mounting, but can be transferred to another vehicle
- Complete with Operation and Set Up Guide
- 3 year guarantee
- When in park position, the system is compact and hidden out of view and only a little higher than most sky lights.

The MiniMax 75 offers Australia wide satellite reception when connected to a VAST or Pay TV Decoder.

Improvements include:mniimax75

  • Zinc coated satellite dish offering better corrosion protection as well as increasing the thickness which has resulted in a more robust dish reflector.
  • Stainless steel bolts and nuts now replace the original zinc coated hardware.
  • Powdercoated finish that looks great.
  • Elevation bar on the rear is now tubular and moves much more freely without friction.
  • Replacement of the locking clip with a locking pin which is a much better idea.
  • The padded bags now feature heavier duty zips and more padding.

This type of dish is much more compact, eliminating the need for a bulky tripod.  It measures 75 x 85cm (elliptical) and weighs a mere 4kg.  The kit includes a padded bag and 10.700 LNB (device on the end of the dish).  We also cable the dish so you can connect your satellite finder at the rear.


tripod mount dish web



FOLDING TRIPOD DISH perfect for long stay travellers.

This dish can be mounted on the folding tripod mount or onto a permanent pole attached to your van. We don't advise travelling with the dish mounted to your van as this can damage the dish, the pole or even the van. But if you mounted the dish to the bottom of the pole and it was sheltered from wind you could move from one location to the next as long as it was a short distance.

This is an 85cm dish and again can be used with both VAST and Pay TV and can be adapted to a Twin LNB.


 OPTIMA75 Australian designed folding Satellite Dish.

This highly innovative design is made of Fibreglass and Stainless steel and has a dish size of 75cm. We have had great success reported with this dish and it is very popuar for those who have limited space when travelling. The dish is lightweight and when folded up reduces down to half its size. Perfect for camping trips with the family.

Folding Dish

Can be used with both VAST and Pay TV services. We can also adapt it to a Twin LNB!