Whatever your problem, whatever your needs we supply and install a range of high quality antenna products.

New TV? Wanting to get connected up? Need a new lead? We have custom made leads made up using professional grade cable and fittings that you can pick up at half the cost of the retail stores. We stock a selection of lengths at our office and the Office staff are more than happy to customise these to your needs.

If you are after something "out of the ordinary" then just give us a call and we'll accomodate your needs in short order.

Just moved in and have no picture? The Real Estate is telling you you need a booster? Chances are you just need a power supply to run power to the amplifier located on the antenna. We supply 14 volt power supplies for most Digital Antenna amplifiers. Just check if you have a push in connection or a screw on connection at the wall. We'll sort you out with the right supply to get you up and running.

Renting and want to add an additional TV to the system? There are internal Splitter Amplifiers that you can add to your existing antenna system that allow you to run up to 4 additional TV's off the current antenna system without loss of signal strength. Just give the office a call to chat about whether this is a suitable option for you.

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