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PostHeaderIcon Caravan Satellite Kits

Receiving your TV reception via Satellite is becoming increasingly popular to caravaners travelling this great country.  Many are finding the Satellite service more reliable and often quicker to setup than a traditional terrestrial antenna. The costs are now similar to a built-in antenna like a Winegard or Saturn terrestrial antenna.  

We have a number of Satellite Kits which caters for all types of budgets. These kits are suitable for DIY setups.  You can pick up from our Maroochydore Store.


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PostHeaderIcon Home Theatre Options

There are many options to choose from when it comes to home theatres.  All of our installations are custom designed.

We offer a free 'walk through' where one of our Home Theatre professionals will come to your home and discuss with you your plans, ideas and space and work with you to create the perfect Home Theatre set up for you.

Home Theatre needn't be complicated or difficult. Have one of our professional team help take the worry out of it.

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PostHeaderIcon Satellite Kits

We supply satellite kits both for homes and caravans. Here are our Travelling Satellite Kits:

Maxview B2590/85 Crank Up Satellite Dish System

Maxview Crank Up Satellite Dish front view

Maxview Crank Up Satellite Dish rear viewMaxview Crank Up Satellite Dish folded

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PostHeaderIcon Antenna Products

Whatever your problem, whatever your needs we supply and install a range of high quality antenna products.

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PostHeaderIcon Home Theatre Supplies

Smart TVs!

It’s official – they ain’t that smart! (Apologies to my English teacher) I get asked a lot for advice on this one area – is it worth getting a Smart TV – so I am going to go out on a limb and say that generally no it is not necessary. What many people are doing is buying other “Smart” appliances and connecting them to their TV. This allows them to upgrade their smart appliances (which are quite cheap) as technology advances rather than upgrade the TV.

By Smart Appliances I mean as examples – the Apple TV box which is $109 and does everything a Smart TV does plus with easy access to iTunes, or Panasonic DVR which surfs the net, connects to You tube and shares files over your network or WD Live which also does internet TV, or Yamaha amps which include internet radio and file sharing.

So my answer is based on what is most economical. If you have a Smart TV or buy a Smart TV it has some features built in but you can also plug in later “Smarter” appliances.
The way technology is going there will be newer smarter devices coming out every month – you just have to decide when it suits you to upgrade.

Also you do need to check what connections your TV or new TV have on the back and how many. To keep the costs down the manufacturers are deleting extra plugs and connections – some new TVs have only two input! So make sure you check this before buying.

 DNLA (Digital Living Network Alliance):

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