altWhy you can't  get the new Channel 7 Stations

Some months ago Channel 7 launched their new channel 68 (Local) and 78 (Brisbane) with a Horse Racing program for its viewers. On 28th of February 2016 will start the new 7Flix Stations 66/76.Horse Racing

Most viewers simply had to retune their TVs and the new station came through fine.

However over the intervening months we have encountered a number of TVs and Set Top Boxes that won't pick up the new Racing channel properly. This is not a transmission fault but simply an incompatibility problem.

The new digital transmission is in MPEG4 whereas most other transmissions are in MPEG2. In its simplest form it is like a different computer program and so it needs the right software and hardware to decode it.

Some models of TV and Set Top Box that was sold here where never designed to decode MPEG4 as Australia was using MPEG2 for digital TV exclusively.

As we all know, technology is changing faster than we expected and so those TVs that can't receive the new channel give the following symptoms:

1. The channel scans in and the information bar comes up saying it is Channel 68 or 78 but there is no picture
2. Same as point 1 but there is audio but no picture.
3. No matter how many times you rescan it doesn't even find the station.

While there has been some mention of software upgrades for some TVs this has been difficult to obtain from the manufacturers and in some cases of older products it will never be released to hardware incompatibility.

So if you want the channel, your solutions are as follows:

1. Upgrade your TV to a new model and all will be well
2. Buy a new set top box and add it to your existing TV (we have one for $89)
3. Take this opportunity to upgrade to a High definition dual tuner digital PVR like the new Panasonic and get the extra channel plus easy recording
4. Or go the whole hog and get a Humax with 4 digital tuners which lets you record 4 shows while watching a previous recording.

I hope this information is of assistance and we trust that this will prevent some folk from spending money on their antenna to get this channel, when that won't solve this particular problem.

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