What Can Causes Bad TV Reception?

No.1- Poor Quality Flylead

The most common problem and one of the easiest to fix by yourself is a faulty TV lead (Flylead). This connects from the antenna outlet to the TV's antenna input socket.

The type of lead that fails are the leads with a molded plug endsmolded ends lead. The wire that is used is very small gauge and they tend to break under the molding ends.

The other problem with this type of lead is that it is of a poor quality which can tend to pick up interference and this could cause the picture to breakup.







High Quality Flylead

hq flylead


The Solution

The fix is to use a custom made High Quality Quad Shield Fly lead with PAL fittings on both ends









No. 2 - 4G (LTE)Interference.

The recent new 4G transmissions that have started on the Sunshine Coast since January 8th 2015 are being transmitted on a frequency that used to be one of our Digital TV channels, up until the restack in July 2014. The frequency is on Digital Channel 62 on 670MHz and close to the mobile towers the signal is extremely strong – up to twice as strong as the TV signal in some locations.

Currently only the Telstra towers are transmitting the new signal but later this year Optus and Vodafone will commence their transmissions too. (see notes below)

The problem this creates for residents is that the strong signal overpowers the TV signal in your TV antenna system and causes the channels to freeze or drop right out. The most common symptom is seen on local 7 and 9 which causes the picture to pixelate every 5 secs.

The Solution

This is to install a filter on the antenna above the masthead amplifier, or replace the masthead amplifier with one that has the filter built in.

The filter installed costs around $155 installed and a new booster costs around $250 installed. In extreme cases we have had to change the antenna to one that rejects the unwanted signal and this adds approx. $220 to the cost.

The mobile phone towers affected are located right across the Sunshine Coast. There is a link to show the Optus  and Vodafone towers and there is a link to the ACMA site which has the Telstra towers, but it is a hard website to navigate.

You may be effected if your TV antenna is pointing directly at one of these towers, in this case you will need a filter fitted at some point. Even if you are close to the tower you may still be affected. If you are well away from the towers you likely won't be affected for now but as more services are added you may find problems arise in the future.

 If you suspect that the TV reception is being affected by this interference you can call us on 5479 1999 and we can discuss the symptoms and send a technician if required.


No.3 - Picture is Breaking Up Anytime from 6pm While Watching Brisbane VHF Channels On The Sunshine Coast.

This occurs mainly when we have warm to hot days and cool evenings and occurs usually in Autumn and Spring.

See Tropospheric propagation on wikipedia for those who technically minded. This will explain why this can occur. 

The Solution

A very simple cost effective solution, tune in and watch the Local TV Channels and not the Brisbane Stations.


No.4 - Some Local TV Channels are Breaking Up. 

 You may be tuned into the wrong repeater.

The Solution

See Article Auto-Tune Problems - How to Manual Tune


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