Changes to Local Broadcast WIN (Local 9) and Southern Cross (Local 10)

From July the 1st locals on the Sunshine Coast will see program changes on WIN (Channel 8, 80, 81, 82, 83, 85 & 88) and Southern Cross 10 (Channels 5, 50, 54, 55 & 56)

What we know for certain is that after the 1st of July the shows we used to watch on Channel 8 with be now broadcast on Channel 5, and the programs we used to watch on Channel 5 will now be broadcast on Channel 8. It is not clear if this broadcast will be in High Definition or what other program changes or channels will be effected.

In short, we will essentially see content swapped between Channels 5 and 8 in regional Queensland.

We will continue to keep you updated...