Changes to Brisbane Channel 9

On the 26th November 2015 Channel 9 Brisbane had started transmitting their main channel 9 in High Definition and as a result they have reorganised their channels.

Below is the new list of channels for 9 Brisbane:




9 Channel 9 Standard
90 9HD High
92 9GEM Standard
93 9GO Standard
94 9LIFE Standard
95 EXTRA Standard


This ONLY applies to Brisbane channels and their relays. If you are not receiving the new channels you may need to retune your TV and PVR. If after you retune you are not able to pick up the new channels, please see Trouble Shooting Guide

If you still have problems receiving the new channels or any other channels, check out the guide on how to  Manual Tune.

This does not apply to the WIN network at this stage, as they are deciding whether to follow suit.

Foxtel boxes may or may not get the new channels depending upon the type of box and the how they have been programed by Foxtel. More