What is the story with this 4G interference? The digital picture keeps breaking up but it used to be perfect?

This is the most recent interference for Digital TV reception on the coast.

4G interference in a nutshell:

First the symptom – how do you tell if it is 4G interference or just the weather or the aerial playing up?

  1. Most commonly when it is 4G interference all channels are affected
  2. 4G tends to pulse so it is clear for 15-20 secs then break up then clear then break up. The pattern repeats. You can time it.
  3. A clue is that your reception has been good for some time and you are in a fairly good reception area. The fault appeared all of a sudden – out of the blue.
  4. 4G can cause the picture to drop out completely but it is not as common.
  5. Look around your area and see if you can see a mobile phone tower in your general area and particularly look in the direction  your antenna is pointing – if there is one there it is very likely it is 4G causing your problem.


  1. Normally solved with a 4G filter installed for around $175 installed
  2. The better option is a 4G filtered amp with shielding $275 installed
  3. Sometimes if you are pointing right at the tower you need a new antenna with a 4G filter as well as a filtered amp, and basic UHF antenna would be approx $430.


The recent new Telstra 4G transmissions that have started on the Sunshine Coast since January 8th are being transmitted on a frequency that used to be one of our Digital TV channels, up until the restack in July 2014. The frequency is on Digital Channel 62 on 670MHz and close to the mobile towers the signal is extremely strong – up to twice as strong as the TV signal in some locations.

The problem this creates for residents is that the strong signal overpowers the TV signal in your TV antenna system and causes the channels to freeze or drop right out. The most common symptom is seen on local 7 and 9 which causes the picture to pixelate every 5 secs.

The solution is to install a filter on the antenna above the masthead amplifier, or replace the masthead amplifier with one that has the filter built in.

The mobile phone towers affected are located right across the Sunshine Coast. There is a link to show the Optus and Vodafone towers and there is a link to the ACMA site which has the Telstra towers, but it is a hard website to navigate.

If your TV antenna is pointing directly at one of these towers you will need a filter fitted at some point. If you are close to the tower you may still be affected. If you are well away from the towers you likely wont be affected for now but as more services are added you may find problems arise in the future.

 If you believe you are being affected by this interference you can call us on 5479 1999 and we can discuss the symptoms and send a technician if required.

For more information on the OPTUS 4G Coverage follow the link to OPTUS MOBILE COVERAGE and enter your postcode for more accurate information pertaining to your area.

For more information on the VODAFONE 4G Coverage follow the link to VODAFONE MOBILE COVERAGE and enter your postcode for more accurate information pertaining to your area

I trust that this information is of assistance and we look forward to being of service in the future.

Digital Two Way Radio interference:

There is a problem in the Bli Bli and southwest Coolum area with strong Two Way radio transmissions interfering with our TV signal.

The symptom is similar to 4G and the gaps between the pulses are usually longer but it just comes and goes  - most times the timing is a bit more random so it’s harder to pick.

There is a filter for this too and installed is about $195 incl GST

The good news is that we can usually identify the cause of your TV signal interference using our special meters which will detect the unwanted signal and diagnose the source.

This is not a do it yourself problem to fix, you do need a skilled technician for this one.

I do hope this information is of assistance.

Should you have any questions or simply require more information please feel free to call the office on 07 5479 1999 or

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Phil White
General Manager