Helloooooo out there!!! Did you miss me?

So what an interesting time we have been having this year. 2015 has already been filled with technology changes! Can't wait to see what happens later this year!alt

The challenge I find is evaluating the worth and the longevity of the new technology and products. Some brilliant ideas seem not to

capture the public imagination and some simpler, perhaps less brilliant ideas sometimes go absolutely gangbuster!

The painful thing is investing in new technology only to find that it has become obsolete 12 months later because mainstream markets went another way. A good example is the LG 100" short throw projector TV which was pushed so heavily last year but just hasn't really captured the public.

Yet the curved screen TV's have really sold well despite the higher price tags because people like the picture or believe the sales hype or perhaps a bit of both.

So in this newsletter I am going to give you some useful info and what I think is going to be useful technology.


Firstly Netflix is the biggest talking point in technology/media streaming arena at the moment.alt

For anyone who doesn't know – Netflix is an online provider of Movies and TV shows which has a reputation for a huge range of choice and very reasonable pricing – starting at $9 per month membership instead of $6 per movie.

It is now available in Australia (used to be only available in the U.S.) and the idea is you can simply choose and start watching the movie directly on your smart TV, IPad/IMac, laptop or PC.

The good news is it works and it works really well if you have the right equipment and good internet speed and fortunately there are a LOT of Movies and TV shows available.

One downside is that although we get a big range to choose from we don't get the full range that is available in the US. Hopefully Netflix will fix this sooner rather than later!

One other problem that comes up is that not all Smart TVs have access to the Netflix app. alt

This is also where you can easily solve the problem buying a Smart Blu-ray player and using it for the online streaming of Netflix. Samsung's have Netflix and is about $179 and in my opinion, because it also plays DVDs, Blu-ray and CDs it is very versatile.

Samsung Smart TV's come with the app or are able to download it.

LGs, Panasonic and Sony earlier TV's did not have Netflix, but latest one's may – check first before buying.

My prediction on Netflix is that it will become the way we watch most movies and TV shows, provided that they open up full access to US catalogue.

My other prediction is that this service is going to (and already is) putting huge pressure on our below par broadband network and many people simply won't be able to utilise this service because their home broadband is simply too slow.

This will open the door to real opportunities in the wireless broadband transmission companies and also hopefully encourage some better priced, large download limit 4G plans from the major players. When lots of people all start downloading HD and Ultra HD shows at 6pm the current internet providers are going to have their hands full!


Now onto more evolving technology.

Having trained and worked in the Security industry and obtained our security license over the last 12 months I have decided to open a security division in our business. I cannot thank David from DC Alarms enough for going the extra mile in helping me do the best possible jobs for our customers. For the full Security Service with Monitored Alarms and Commercial Camera Systems – he is the man!

For me, my main aim for this new skill is to give our customers 'peace of mind' when they are travelling or away from home.Network Camera

The new technology allows a Security Camera system, with a Networked recorder and 4 night vision cameras and remote smart phone access, (features previously reserved for full high end commercial applications around 15Gs), to now be installed in the family home for under $4,000.00

This includes Full High Definition Cameras, Infra-red detection, 107 Degree viewing angle, remote power and full connections over 1 cable, 30 days recording, motion alerts. I need to emphasise this is not budget equipment but fully professional gear with vandal proof unobtrusive dome cameras and user friendly recording playback and remote viewing. You even get 10x digital zoom.

What is the value of this technology? It means that you can be down at the shops or on the other side of the world and you can get an alert that there is movement where it shouldn't be and you can log in and look and zoom in and playback – all from your phone or computer.

So you know if it is the neighbour borrowing the whipper snipper as planned, or the oldest son wagging school, or the dog just got out!

And what about being on holidays and you watch the news and hear that the Sunny Coast is being battered by storms. Is your house ok? Just log and in and look!

Crystal Clear FootageSo while security is largely thought of as being to catch the crook who might break in (and certainly these new cameras will capture that in full high definition which will greatly help the Police to arrest them) The real peace of mind is simply being able to check in and look and then relax when you see all is well. And that benefit is what interests me.
So if you know anyone heading off on the big trip around Oz then let them know about this if you think we can help them.

Also, any of our existing clients can ring this month and we will come and do a free security assessment and an obligation free report (for you or a friend).

Intercoms:Intercom Gate Pad
Now I never thought I would get excited about intercoms but this new intercom technology is really impressive.

So what has happened is the normal intercom Gate Station was just a speaker and a camera. This has now been upgraded to a camera, speaker and backlit keypad. The standard 4" monitor has also been upgraded to a 7" monitor and it now has 2 gate releases as standard (so you could open the front pedestrian gate and perhaps the roller gate).

Now it does this, all in colour, over just 2 wires – which means it can often be easily retrofitted to upgrade an older system.

All of this is all very good but the two features I really like are:
1. It takes a snapshot photo with a date and time stamp every time someone presses the intercom gate button.
2. It has an easily set "do not disturb" function that you can set for 1 hour (for a nap) or 8 hours for overnight or just completely off for when you really don't want to be disturbed!

This sees the end to the nuisance button presses (click click – gotcha), or the person who said they called by but didn't – Hmm no click click in the log? And real privacy when you need it.

The other thing I like is that you can add access codes and remove access codes from the keypad very easily, to allow the cleaner, the pool man or mowing man access without keys.

These intercoms are simple and easy to operate so you don't need a pilot's license just to change a setting.

And on top of all that the upgraded system is the same price as the old basic system
So, supplied and installed for around $1,100.00

Again we are offering our existing customers a free assessment of an existing intercom for upgrading or adding a new system.




And finally the 4g mobile network roll out is almost complete on the coast. For anyone having reception issues in recent months when previously all was perfect, you may be being affected by 4G interference. A filter fitted to the antenna or a new booster with integrated filter are the best solutions. Costs are between $150 and $220 in most cases.

I do hope you found this information interesting and perhaps useful. I know there has been a larger than usual gap between recent newsletters but I hope to get back onto our bi monthly schedule again from now.

As always, if there is a topic you would like to see covered please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and I will endeavour to cover it in the next newsletter.

Thanks for your support!

Phil and the Sunshine Team


P.S. And a quick request if you have time...

I'm looking at what other services we may be able to provide on the Sunshine Coast, related to what we do and perhaps even dis related.

So I am looking for your input on services you would like to have access to or services you have had trouble finding good people to do.

Some ideas we have already had put forward are:

Cleaning Services Yes/No/Maybe

Electrical Services Yes/No/Maybe

Smoke Alarms Yes/No/Maybe

Computer Services Yes/No/Maybe

TV repairs Yes/No/Maybe

Gutter Cleaning Yes/No/Maybe

Solar Panel Cleaning Yes/No/Maybe

Solar Installations Yes/No/Maybe

Handyman Services Yes/No/Maybe

I would really appreciate it if you could email back any of these that interest you plus any ideas you would like to add! You'll find us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thanks for your time.