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Dear Loyal Customer,

Well hello again! Time for another exciting instalment in the rapid advancing world of technology! This time I am starting with WiFi which is so much a part of our daily lives, from free WiFi at the coffee shop to WiFi through our entire homes and offices. Of course not all WiFi systems are created equal and the speed and reliability is a critical factor – which leads me to my next article… 


The product that has really impressed me is the Ubiquiti Unifi wireless access point range. Now you know I am always going on about the importance and benefit of wired devices but wireless definitely has its place and it is so convenient and becoming more and more reliable – when installed and used properly.

The best network system has a mixture of wired and wireless devices and this is what I like so much about the Ubiquiti system. They utilise the powering of the devices over a Cat5 or Cat6 data cable so that from your main router/modem a direct line is run to the WiFi access point, it is powered remotely so no power point is required, then the access point covers a large area with high speed Wifi. (This overcomes the problem with WiFi extenders which use a wireless link back to base, as this halves the WiFi speed on the extender)

The best place for a WiFi access point is up high as this gives much better coverage and Unifi have a range of disc style access points that can go on the ceiling or high on the wall. They also have in-wall access points that fit into a normal wall plate for times where the access point needs to be invisible.

The simplicity of this system is that if you use all Ubiquiti devices it forms a mesh network so that as you move through the house or offices it moves you seamlessly from one access point to the next.

Designing the system for cabling and wireless will get you a much better result so please come in for some advice and tips to help you get it right first time.

Technical Tips:

A very good tip from my IT professional, when setting up any network and wireless access points: If you use the same brand throughout USUALLY they connect easily and stay connected! And it transfers you seamlessly from access point to access point as you roam through the building. Reliability is important...

P.S. And a quick request if you have time...

I'm looking at what other services we may be able to provide on the Sunshine Coast, related to what we do and perhaps even dis related.

So I am looking for your input on services you would like to have access to or services you have had trouble finding good people to do.

Some ideas we have already had put forward are:

Cleaning Services Yes/No/Maybe

Electrical Services Yes/No/Maybe

Smoke Alarms Yes/No/Maybe

Computer Services Yes/No/Maybe

TV repairs Yes/No/Maybe

Gutter Cleaning Yes/No/Maybe

Solar Panel Cleaning Yes/No/Maybe

Solar Installations Yes/No/Maybe

Handyman Services Yes/No/Maybe

I would really appreciate it if you could email back any of these that interest you plus any ideas you would like to add! You'll find us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thanks for your time.