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Picture breaking up?  Pixelation or blocking? Can't find those new channels? Antenna as old as Moses?

NOTE: We highly recommend NOT to auto tune the TV as this offen causes more issues and often makes the problem worst. If you feel confident, you may try manual tuning only.

See This Article First. If you need advice please call our office, we can sometimes help you with your problems over the phone.

Common causes and self fixes

Let our team of experts survey and fix the problem!

Installing new systems or a full digital system upgrade we've got it covered.

Our professional team carry out digital field strength testing with meters to give the best possible result.
For television reception problems for
all channels both analogue and digital our ability to solve reception problems is exceptional.

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Do you have to change your old antenna?

NO... you don't have to - some old antennas also work OK on digital.

It's like running a car on Standard Petrol when it is designed to work on Super Petrol. It works OK but not as well as it could.

Benefit: The genuine benefit to upgrading the antenna is reliable digital signal without picture break up.

Downside: Most common downside to not upgrading the old antenna is that the digital picture can have breaks up. This can be intermittent

Digital TV Antenna


New Antenna Installations

Reception Problems and Repairs

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