Commercial Digital Antenna System Services

In June 2013 the old Analogue TV system will be switched off and the new Digital system will be the only means to receive TV from that time. Any complex which is not upgraded to Digital ready before that deadline is likely to face the situation of some residents with NO TV reception at all. This becomes a serious situation when you find it may be weeks before they have TV again.

Our digital TV upgrade video can be found here.

The Federal Government has issued a Checklist for assessing the existing TV systems, which is going to be of assistance in properly evaluating your building. Go to the Government's digital TV website here for more information.

There is a considerable amount of work involved in doing this checklist properly but as we now have only 3 years before the full changeover, which is really only 2 AGMs, we are suggesting all Body Corps get their buildings assessed as soon as possible.

The purpose of getting this assessment done is to give you some prediction on what steps will need to be taken to upgrade your building to be Digital ready for the changeover in 2013, along with some guide as to costs.

The real advantages here for you, is that by doing this early you can have a proper budgeted, planned for expense and the work can be carried out in a timely fashion by a reputable company.

What is important to remember is that you don’t want to be doing this in the last 12 months before changeover as this is when the rush will be on and the costs will invariably rise due to demand. We have also experienced in the past that some “out of town “ operators prey on this type of last minute situation. More information about preparing for digital TV upgrade can be found here.

Obviously we have an interest in doing the work for your building and as an established installation company of over 30 years on the coast we have the track record to offer a warranty and back up service that you can count on.

What we are offering is to do the assessment on your building and provide a comprehensive report and estimate for upgrading the system to Digital ready standards.

Sunshine Antenna Service has been installing TV antenna systems on the Sunshine Coast since 1978.

We can offer you a comprehensive service with rapid response, quality work, extensive experience and value for money costing.

  • We have been carrying out repairs and upgrades to TV systems on the Coast for over 31 years, and this has allowed us to develop systems for getting to the source of the problem fast. So if we haven’t seen your particular building the chances are we have worked on one similar which can save hours of repair time.

  • We have 6 technicians full time on the road so that we can be there promptly when you need us most.

  • We have kept up our training so we are up to date with the latest technology and we have invested heavily in new digital test equipment so we can find and fix problems quickly.

  • We also carry a large range of stock and have a large buying power so we can pass those savings on to you. It also means we have the parts in stock soothe job can be done more often on the first visit, saving time and money.

  • From a 2 unit duplex to an 18 storey high rise, we can provide the right service at the right price, consistently.

  • In the unlikely event that there is something that needs a return visit under our genuine warranty, you can count on us to come back promptly and get to the bottom of the problem.

  • You can also count on us to treat your premises, neighbours, residents and tenants with respect and consideration when carry out our service work.

  • We can come up with a Digital TV solution to suit any realistic budget.